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If you are in a supermarket you’re the “rational agent” or better called “Homooeconomicus”. That means that your shopping-behaviour is benefit maximized!

In reality just 30% of your decision are conscious. 70% are unconscious. And the first 30% are constantly influenced by your surroundings.

Doesn´t look so good for you.

But what does the supermarket influence you to do?

“Implicit priming” is the first thing what happens when you´re entering a supermarket. All the fresh vegetables and fruits that stand right at the entry increase your mood and lead you to buy more in the end.

The feeling of timelessness is very important if you, a customer, are in the market. The first move is to take you away from the daylight. The second step is the fact that there are no clocks inside and welcoming music helps to create this timelessness atmosphere.

Another way to have an impact on the stuff you are buying is the height of the products. Expensive products and those of brands are in the same heigh as your eyes. Cheaper products are usually in the lower area. If someone hasn’t made up his mind on exactly which product he wants, hell usually grab one at the height of his eyes. Brands even pay for their height placement

Doubling the size of the shopping cart leads shoppers to buy 40% more.

In the end statistics show us that even if the price is higher than before, but the sign is red, people tend to buy it more often than before with the lower price.

But don´t be to rational - it is more important that you have the feeling that you made a good deal than making a good deal.


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