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Updated: Mar 22, 2022

IKEA is a European company. There you can buy any furniture you want and much more. Part of the shopping experience is the fact that you have to assemble everything you bought by yourself. So you are the mechanic!

If you are the mechanic that´s great and also leads to an important effect of your behaviour. So after you build the IKEA-shelf, this shelf is a personal reminder of your own competence. If you had to choose between two identical shelves, one built by someone else and one built by yourself, you would definitely choose your personal competence-reminder-shelf. Even if the price of your shelf would be higher.

This so called “IKEA-Effect” also applies in terms of self-made tools or any other type of equipment. So if you want to improve your math skills, you should assemble the pencil you are going to use yourself.

You see, if you make something yourself, it will definitely positively affect the following tasks and increase your efficiency.

The good thing is, if you´ve already successfully assembled a few shelves, your self-efficacy will develop more and more. You will get better at coping with challenges and be less vulnerable to stress and depression.

So try to do things by yourself. Bake a cake. Build an IKEA-shelf from time to time. Strengthen your own self-efficacy. Do things by yourself that you know you can master to feel more competent. This creates a positive feedback loop that results in you feeling better because you challenged yourself. In turn, this makes you feel more competent and encourages you to try even more, creating an even stronger sense of competence if you succeed.

The positive upward spiral will go on and on and on.

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