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84 % of the spanish population are against Bull Fights.

So here is a perspective supporting Bull Fights:

There could be a connection between a bullfight and Carl Gustav Jung's theory of archetypes.

Here are the possibilities:

The archetype of the hero:

In Jung's theory of archetypes, the hero represents a universal archetype found in myths and stories from different cultures. A bullfight can be seen as a kind of ritual combat between a hero, in this case the torero, and a dangerous opponent, the bull. This fight embodies the archetypal journey of the hero, where he faces his fears and challenges and ultimately triumphs. It can serve as a symbolic representation of the individual's inner struggle against personal demons and obstacles.

The Shadow Archetype:

The shadow is another central archetype in Jung's theory, representing the dark and unconscious aspects of the psyche. In a bullfight, the bull is often represented as the animalistic, aggressive, and uncontrolled element that the torero is trying to control. This can be interpreted as a symbolic struggle against the dark and uncontrolled parts of one's self in order to tame or integrate them.

The collective unconscious:

Jung believed that there are common symbols and images in the collective unconscious of humanity that exist across cultures. Bullfighting is a ritual that has been practiced in some cultures for centuries and is associated with powerful symbols such as the bull, the torero, the arena, and the spectators. These symbols could be seen as expressions of the collective unconscious, representing deeper psychological meanings and universal human experiences.

Those thoughts are not the truth. Just a perspective.

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